The soil is a living environment, and home to a complex ecosystem that modern techniques often disrupt. 71% of soils are compacted and asphyxiated (INRA, 2007).

All too often, soil is mistreated; OXYBIOTOP products help stimulate its aerobic flora, restoring the balance of the ecosystem. This allows the soil to recover its ability to exchange with plants, providing them with all they need for growth and providing optimum or improved yields..



SILITOP is a 100% natural biomineral complex, made from powdered plants and an activated mineral complex. SILITOP naturally repels parasites and worms, with no toxic risk. SILITOP optimises the cell exchanges required for biological processes such as photosynthesis and growth to operate properly.

Instructions for use

Incorporate 500 g/ha SILITOP as grain coating, during sowing, together with a wetting agent such as pine oil (Hurricane). See the specific protocol for each crop.


  • Powdered plants
  • Mineral complex

Packaging and storage

Store in a dry, well-aired place. 5 kg bucket.



Aerobic bacteria play a key role in soil ecosystems. They bring the topsoil to life, feeding the soil and transforming organic matter into humus. They need a favourable environment if they are to play their role to the full.

Benefits of SILIBOOST

Strengthens natural defences

  • Stimulates root growth, increases the number of rootlets
  • Increases mycorrhizae
  • Boosts photosynthesis

Oxygenation nurtures and enhances the proliferation of aerobic bacteria. These form a bacterial shield against disease, moulds, and parasites. Looser earth with better water circulation.

  • Soil exchanges are facilitated
  • Residue composts better
  • More humus available for the clay-humus complex
  • Better weed management

Instructions for useoxybiotiop-siliboost_resultat

  • Use 150-300 g/ha of SILIBOOST, diluted in a minimum of 150 L water
  • Spray on soils and plants
  • Seed coating


100% mineral complex

Packaging and storage

Store in a dry, well-aired place. 1 kg tub. 25 kg bag.


SILISOUFRE – EC Fertilizer

Silisoufre is an extremely pure elemental sulfur (S) (99.9%) (equivalent in sulfuric anhydride: 249.8%). This sulfur can be used in organic farming pursuant to Regulation (EC) no. 834/2007.

This sulfur is not leachable, in contrast with sulfates and does not accumulate in water tables. It is gradually made available to the plant in the form of sulfate through an oxidation reaction with the microorganisms of the soil.

It is essential for the equilibrium of the plant and increases its strength.

It enables an improved assimilation of nitrogen (N/S ratio = 10/1)

Instructions for use

Use between 5 and 60 kg/ha depending on the type of crop, spot application or with application in fields according to the crop and the season.


BIG BAG 1000 kg – bucket 25 kg

Silisoufre pellets
Silisoufre granules