An excess of nutrient loads causes the environment to become eutrophic water becomes contaminated with toxins produced by cyanobacteria. Algae form, with a detrimental effect on fish and aerobic microorganisms.

Benefits of OXYBIOTOP products:

  • Stimulation of aerobic microfauna
  • Flocculation of excess matter
  • Eutrophication is limited
  • Less algae and sediments

OXYBIOTOP products are harmless for aquatic fauna and the environment.



SILILAKE rebalances BOD and COD (Biological and Chemical Oxygen Demand) in aquatic environments by stimulating the activity of microorganisms, allowing silt and organic matter to be broken down naturally. SILILAKE also causes flocculation and thus clearer water. These phenomena help combat eutrophication (lack of oxygen, proliferation of algae, photosynthesis impairment) and rebalance the environment, o that a body of water can be cleansed naturally.

Instructions for use

Start : Apply SILILAKE and hydrogen peroxide, in the form of stabilised oxygenated water, for 3 weeks, at temperatures of 12 °C or above. Maintenance : Apply SILILAKE once every 2 weeks.


100% mineral complex

Packaging and storage

Store in a dry, well-aired place. 2 kg tub. 25 kg bag.

Results table of Sililake

In the case of heatwave or high temperatures, double the quantities of hydrogen peroxide or apply once a week. Halt the maintenance programme if the temperature falls below 12 °C. For surface areas of more than 5 hectares or plants more than 7 m deep, please consult us.